Top Tips to the Perfect Engagement

Getting engaged is bound to be one of the most exciting things that you can experience with the person you love. You want it to be the perfect engagement- so here are a few things to consider to make sure it’s everything you’ve dreamed of.

Pick the perfect location- Try and think of somewhere that’s important to you both as a couple. It could be where you had your first date, somewhere you’ve always dreamed of visiting together, or where you first met. Choosing a special location adds even more magic to the moment, and will make for a glorious memory when you look back.

Consider a significant date- Maybe your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even Christmas. Picking a date like this can help you mould the rest of your proposal, and tie in a location as well.

Capture the moment forever- No matter how much time you spend planning, the moment that you pop the question will fly by in a blur. If you’re able to, think about hiring a photographer to be able to keep that moment forever. If you’re unable to hire a photographer, you could consider a close friend with a camera instead.

Include your song- If you share a song that’s important to you, you can think about including it into your proposal to make it even more romantic. You can have it playing in the background for a subtle touch, or if you can have it performed live.

Arguably the most important part of an engagement is the ring. Picking out the perfect ring is a lot of pressure, but there are a few helpful tips to follow to get the right ring.

Identify their style- An easy way to do this is to look at what jewellery your partner wears on a regular basis. From this, you can narrow down if they like simplistic and classic, or modern and extravagant. They’re going to wear this ring every day for the rest of your lives together, so you want to make sure it’s something they’re going to love.

Ring size- You might not know your partner’s ring size, but there are a few ways to find out to make sure the engagement ring you choose is the right size. You can either ask a friend to find out subtly, or you can measure a ring that they already own. If you can’t find out the right size, make sure to pick a ring that you can have resized if necessary.

Price- Don’t get hung up on having to spend a fixed amount of your salary. The most important part of the ring is the love put into it, not the amount of money spent on it. You can find some absolutely stunning rings for a remarkably low price- consider this 14k white gold Verragio split claw 4-prong solitaire engagement ring, only $1,450. For more Verragio rings, please visit

Overall, only you can make your engagement perfect. Knowing what you and your partner want is the key to making it the best engagement possible.

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