Prescription Lenses and Shades: You Hate All Your Options!

If you wear prescription lenses, you ought to be able to sympathize with left-handed people who complain of a world designed around their right-handed counterparts. The world of sunglasses certainly wasn’t designed to accommodate prescription lens wearers. Things are so bad that you might hate all your options.

Finding the right pair of shades as a prescription lens wearer can be a daunting task. There is no shortage of options, but none of the options are all that palatable. A person who doesn’t wear prescription lenses can buy any old pair of sunglasses and use them without issue. You cannot. You always have to consider your prescription lenses and why you wear them.

Let us take a look at your options:

1. Prescription Sunglasses

The obvious solution would seem to be prescription sunglasses. After all, a prescription would give you the correction you need along with the UV protection you want. As far as the advantages go, they should be obvious. You can quickly swap out your regular glasses for your shades whenever you need to. You never have to worry about uncorrected vision.

What about the cons? Expense is a big one. Prescription sunglasses do not come cheaply. And if you break them, as people are wont to do, replacement isn’t cheap either. And, of course, constantly swapping one pair of glasses for the other is not ideal.

2. Clip-On Sunglasses

Clip-ons are the second option. There are several kinds, but they are clumsy and not very accommodating. There may not even be a really good pair of clip-ons out there. They seem to be the orphan stepchild of eyewear that no one really wants to use. Clip-ons are an option nonetheless.

3. Going to Contacts

Another option is dispensing with the prescription lenses in favor of contacts. Then you are like anyone else capable of buying and using any decent pair of sunglasses without issue. Your prescription lenses are no longer a problem because you are not wearing them anymore. However, do you really want to wear contacts? Many people don’t. They just find them uncomfortable.

4. Wear-Overs

Olympic Eyewear, a designer and wholesaler of fashion sunglasses, says that a lot of people who wear prescription lenses choose wear-over sunglasses. Wear-overs are designed to be large enough to comfortably fit over an average set of prescription lenses. Most offer side protection as well.

There are two problems with wear-overs, though. First and foremost is the fact that they are big and heavy. They can be quite uncomfortable to wear for an extended amount of time. The second problem is this: it is hard to find a pair of wear-overs that are not curved. That means people who have especially large prescription lenses need even bulkier wear-overs. Some people simply cannot find wear-overs large enough to fit over their prescriptions.

5. Regular Sunglasses

People who do not do well with wear-overs can choose a regular pair of sunglasses to wear in front of their prescription lenses. The key is finding a pair with a flat frame design. They do not offer side protection, but they do sit nicely in front of prescription lenses without being overly obtrusive. But yet again, they add extra weight to the nose.

There is no ideal solution for prescription lens wearers looking for a great pair of shades. As a prescription lens wearer, you may hate all your options. Rest assured you are not alone. That knowledge doesn’t make your life any easier, but at least you know there are others suffering right along with you.

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