How to Avoid Work Uniforms That Look Drab

There is something to be said about the classic look of black uniforms. Even a deep navy blue or classic gray uniform can look sharp under certain conditions. But dark, neutral colors are also drab colors to most people. That is something you do not want in work uniforms. If a work uniform is too drab and dull, it may have a negative impact on both employees and customers alike.

Uniforms do not have to be solid black, navy, or gray to look professional, notes Alsco, a uniform rental company and pioneer of linen rentals here in the U.S. Alsco was the first company to offer uniform rentals back in the 1800s. For more than 100 years, they have found creative ways to avoid drab and dull uniforms.

The key is to introduce just a hint of color and perhaps a flash of style. For example, think of a classic black uniform with a logo that includes a splash of bright orange and yellow. Just that little bit of color can mean the difference between a boring uniform and one that really excites the eyes.

Avoid Drab with Your Logo

A company’s logo is key to its branding. As such, it is fairly common for company uniforms to include a logo. Here’s where companies can make a real difference in their uniforms. The previous example of a black uniform with an orange and yellow illustrates the principle perfectly. Other great combinations include a navy-blue uniform with a logo featuring bright green and silver or a dark gray uniform with a pink and teal logo.

The one thing to remember is that logos should be restricted to no more than two or three colors at most. Too much color makes a logo look too busy. That’s not good for brand enhancement. As a side note, sticking to just a few colors makes creating print-ready versions of a logo a lot easier.

Change up the Shirt

Another option for avoiding drab work uniforms is to change up the shirt. This is a good option for uniforms that include both jackets and either slacks or skirts. You can feature your primary color in the jackets, slacks, and skirts but choose a contrasting color for the shirt. Just do not choose white unless you are adding other accessories of different colors.

A warm, gold colored shirt works well with purple and brown uniforms. Think pastel colors for gray uniforms and bright pinks, greens, and reds to complement black jackets. The goal is to offset the primary color by choosing something that draws attention to the shirt.

Add Accessories and Styles

Accessories are great for breaking up a drab looking uniform. They include everything from belts to headgear to ID tags and jewelry pieces. Just a few accessories here and there can help prevent a drab appearance without being as overpowering as contrasting colors.

Even styles can make a difference. For example, you might consider pleated skirts and pants in a professional setting where bright colors and excessive accessories just will not do. Even though the skirt or pants may be the same color as the jacket, pleats cast shadows that add visual texture and break up the drab look.

Work uniforms don’t have to be dull, drab, and boring. There are lots of ways to spruce up a uniform without going over the top. All it takes is a little creativity and an eye for what looks good. A splash of color here and a design choice there can turn an otherwise dull looking uniform into something eye-catching and brand positive.

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