The best wallets that men look for is based on the ease with which they can fit them into their back pockets. Most of the men keep their wallets which are leather in their back pockets. This lays down the importance of slim leather wallets . Best leather wallets for men are those with best quality thin leather. Thin leather should not be compromised with quality.


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In 2019 wallet survey the top brands were Bellroy hide and seek ,fossils , dash premium, distil union . All these were rated high by men who used those wallets for around 2/3 years. They were rated based on grains , slimness , durability, compactness and variety of designs offered. A wallet’s functionality is decided, in big component, by using its booths. Determine how an awful lot you tend to carry in a wallet earlier than you buy. Choose your leather wallet to satisfactory suit what you put on maximum of the time. If you wear fits, then a pockets with a darker finish provides an element of class. If you wear jeans most days, cross for a lighter leather-based wallet.If you bring a number of gadgets – bear in mind, the less difficult the higher – then look for a wallet that has all the vital slots. Another excellent function you’ll discover in lots of wallets are obvious wallet wherein to keep your identity cards, including your driving force’s license.

The best wallets should have the following features :
1. Ease of keeping addirionals like id cards , folded paper etc.

2. Keeping coins should not spoil the leather material over a period of time , hence separate lining of cloth is provided for pouch made for coins .

3. It should be less water penetrative so that notes are not damaged.

4. Leather should not loosen and sag over time, this can
be checked by feeing the grains of the material leather, it shouldn’t be too tough nor too soft .

Sagging will cause bulging of wallets when more notes are kept. This leads to uneasiness.

5. Snake leather is the best for thin and light weight wallets for men . So it is better to go with that material.

THE BEST WALLETS FOR MEN are available on ecommerce platforms but it is advisable to visit a store first to learn more about the material and then decide the product. Product comfort and durability is more important than higher utility and design.